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Are you looking for added value from your auditors?

Many organisations, mainly companies, require an audit or independent review of their accounts. For many years an audit has been misconceived as a complete waste of time and money, however, there are many companies that are not obliged to have an audit but request one each year because they get added value from the process.

At AccountPro, apart from providing the assurance that clients and specified third parties seek from an audit, we always strive to add value to our clients through the audit process. Recent examples where the audit process has led to improved business practice include:

  • recovery of VAT under claimed;
  • improvement in internal authorisation procedures to reduce risk of loss;
  • refund of overpaid legal fees; and
  • changes in cheque signing procedures to reduce risk of falsification.
As auditors we think it is essential to meaningfully interpret the figures in relation to your business as well as by comparing them to other organisations in similar sectors and of a similar size, where possible. We also look at trends in each client's business, typically over a 3 year period and share all this information with the client. In this manner we believe we can transform the audit process to be a very powerful management tool.

Contact us if you are interested in transforming your organisation's audit process.